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Regular endoscopy is must for preserving your health. Therefore, you must begin with a reputable hospital!
Regular colonoscopic polypectomy can, in theory, almost completely prevent colorectal cancer.

But according to a recent American research paper, the prevention efficacy is only 80% (Citarda F., Tomaselli G., Capocaccia R., et al, “Efficacy in Standard Clinical Practice of Colonoscopic Polypectomy in Reducing Colorectal Cancer Incidence,” Gut 48, 2001: 812-5).
What are the main reasons for 20% failure? The paper suggests the following:

Firstly, although colonic polyps exist they are not screened correctly.
Secondly, detected colonic polyps are not completely removed.
Thirdly, ‘regular’ endoscopy is carried out over intervals that are not sufficiently regular.

Therefore, having a colonoscopy in itself is not enough; rather accurate screening, complete polyp-removal, and regular endoscopy at appropriate intervals are necessary steps in preventing colorectal cancer.

To accomplish all these, high definition endoscopes, a well-trained and highly experienced medical team, and regularly scheduled endoscopies are crucial.
The Endoscopy Center of GIPUM Hospital can provide all these medical needs.

If you are concerned about 20% failure, please come and see us - we would eliminate 20% failure and make it 100% success!
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The Endoscopy Center of GIPUM Hospital is staffed with six colorectal surgeons headed by Dr. Yoon Sik Kang, Ph. D. the Director of the hospital, three highly experienced gastroenterologists and eight specialized registered nurses. Six separate rooms are prepared for endoscopy, and forty endoscopes and five efficient endoscope washer-disinfectors are equipped for clean and safe screenings. The high colonic polyp detection rate is due to excellent efforts by medical team and state of the art facilities.

We welcome everyone, including those who are not fluent in Korean. Most staff speaks English.
Come and see what we can do for you for your health.


Photos of the medical team
Photo of the medical team
Results of annual endoscopy
FAQs about endoscopy
FAQs about endoscopy
Why is endoscopy necessary?
When should endoscopy be carried out?
I want to know about sedative endoscopy
Is sedative endoscopy compulsory?
What conditions can be diagnosed by endoscopy?
How to prepare for endoscopy?
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I would like to know about colonic polyp
I would like to know about colonic polyp
What is a colonic polyp?
I want to know about its relation to colonic cancer
How is a colonic polyp removed?
How many colon polyps are detected?
The Endoscopy Center of GIPUM Hospital (The Center)
The Endoscopy Center of GIPUM Hospital (The Center)
The Center is distinguished in skills and facilities
The Center guarantees a pain free and accurate gastroscopy
The Center carries out both gastroscopy and colonoscopy simultaneously
The Center removes any colonic polyps at the time of the endoscopy
The Center enables you to take just half of the colonic cleansing solution
The Center promises safe and painless endoscopy
The Center always washes and disinfects the endoscope and accessories after each use
The Center continues to schedule endoscopies for you
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