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Location map of the Gipum hospital.
Hospital Parking
Ample parking space in indoor and outdoor parking along with free valet parking.
From Incheon Int'l Airport
When you take Airport Limousine Bus
Airport Exit 5A or 11B -> Get on Limousine Bus #6009 -> After six stops, get off at Woo-Sung Apt. stop -> Go to Bang-Bang Sageori junction, make a left, and walk 80m.

When you take Subway
At Incheon Int’l Airport station, get on the subway going onto Gimpo Airport direction -> After five stops get off at Gimpo Airport -> Transfer to Subway line #9 going onto Express Bus Terminal -> After twenty stops get off at Express Bus Terminal -> Transfer to subway #3 going to Yangje -> Get off at Yangje station and out at Exit 3 -> Walk 500 m -> At Bang-Bang Sageori Junction make a right and walk 80m.

When you drive a Car
Incheon Int’l Airport -> Sinbul IC(interchange) Expressway entrance (Incheon Int’l Airport Expressway) -> At Airport New City junction, go straight to Seoul and Incheon direction -> Pass New Airport tollgate -> At No-oji Junction go straight to Seoul and Gimpo Airport direction -> At 88 Expressway turning-point, exit to Seoul and Olympic Expressway -> Drive through Olympic Expressway on the right -> Take the elevated highway going to Seoul Arts Center and Seocho Station -> At Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital junction make a left to Banpo IC(interchange) direction -> At Kyobo Tower junction make a right toward Gangnam Station direction -> At Bang Bang Sageori junction, make a left to Gangnam Sevrance Hospital direction and go 80m